Friday, July 31, 2009

Two Slots Left: No Time to Waffle, Folks

Hey Y'all,
Lisa emailed to let me know there are only TWO slots left for the Monhegan Island Knitting and Yoga Adventure retreat. It's happening September 20 - 26 and I am so excited I'm about to blow a gasket (in a good way) over here. Ran into some folks at a party last night who totally lit up when they heard I was heading to Monhegan-- they're world travelers and say it is one of their favorite places on the globe. I went and got a bunch of yarn today to knit up a sweater-coat I swear I'll have time to finish before the trip (hahaha) and, okay, to reward myself for being so close to finishing my yoga mat bag. (More pics soon.) I also picked up a sock pattern to make some fancy socks to wear hiking around the island-- fancy socks befit the trek up to the fairy houses in the woods.


Well, I am.

Anyway, take heed y'all-- if you know someone who wants to join us, let them know they need to email Lisa asap about holding a spot. That address is:

Can't wait to see y'all,

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