Monday, July 6, 2009

This is more like it!

Here we go! After frogging my yoga mat for the umpteenth time, I seem to have resolved my sizing issue and am ready to move forward. If you are following along with my 'on the fly' yoga mat pattern, I'll restate the pattern here and pick up where I left off on Friday.

Lisa's Yoga Mat Bag II

1 skein recycled rayon
1 skein single ply silk

#7US dpns

#7US 24" circular needles

Gauge: 4 sts = 1" or whatever seems right for your yarn and needle size.

I am using my rolled up mat as my guide in combination with the lace pattern I have chosen. If you are using a yarn and needle size that yields the same gauge as mine then these instructions will work for you as well. However, should you choose something different such as a bulky yarn, hemp, or any multitude of choices, you will need to adjust the row and stitch count accordingly. See the photo below as a guide for your sizing if this is the case.

Cast-on 12 stitches in recycled rayon. Divide evenly among 3 dpns (4 sts per needle). Join and work first round in Stockinette Stitch.
*Next round: K1, M1 across row (24 sts).
Work 3 rows in st st.*
Repeat * to* 3 times (96 sts).

Work 3 rounds.

Next round: Knit row decreasing 8 stitches evenly across row (88 sts).

Begin lace pattern. At this point I am switching to my contrasting silk.

As I mentioned in my last post I have chosen the Subtle Mesh pattern on page 160 from Barbara Walker's Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It's a pattern based upon a 12 stitch repeat plus 4 extra stitches for the beginning and end of the row. Out of respect for her copyright I am unable to show the chart here, but if you have her book you can reference it or find another that you like.

It may be that the pattern you select has a different stitch count in which case simply adjust your stitches after you complete the * to* repeats. I chose to decrease rather than increase for 1 less repeat of my lace pattern in order to a) shape a subtle 'corner' on my base, and b) have less knitting to do. Fearing a snug fit in pulling my bag on and off my rubber mat I overcompensated. Considering all that work I did on my false start this feels like the project will take no time at all!

Happy knitting and keep us posted on your own progress!


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