Monday, July 27, 2009


I knew I was making progress on the yoga mat bag, but I admit I was surprised to see just how much progress when I measured it today. Looks like I'm about one skein away from finishing the body. Then I need to figure out how to do straps and closure. I know Lisa is busy knitting away on her bag, too. She's doing lace, though, so we'll give her a few more days before posting pics of her progress.

I'd thought my bag was going to be a little big, but now I'm thinking it'll be just right. I remember at the retreat last year someone mentioning "light felting"-- a term I'd never heard. I know when I (unintentionally) felted the first sweater I ever made it was not at all a light felt. It was a heavy duty, shrink to the size of a Chihuahua felt. So while I've been toying with maybe trying out this "light felt" thing if the bag proves to be a little bigger than I want it, I have my reservations. I do not want to wind up with something that will be better used to hold a pair of needles, you know?

Hopefully I'll finish up by the weekend and have more pictures to post. And here's a hint for those of you feeling like you need a little inspiration to plow through this project. I bought the second season of Madmen and watched all fourteen episodes in about three days-- that was a ton of knitting time. (And it was highly entertaining.)

Happy knitting,

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