Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to the Land of Wine and Poses

I was telling you a bit about Melora in my last post. Now let me show you Melora. As you can see in the short videos below, she is a most excellent and gentle yogi. She carefully guides us through poses, gearing stretches for beginners and well-practiced students alike. And, considering we're all at the retreat to knit, Melora loves to focus on shoulder openers-- poses that will counter-balance that rolling forward we sometimes do when we are really immersed in a project. Of course, there's no need to wait til September to start stretching with Melora-- you can do these poses at home on your own anytime.

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  1. I love these stretches--Hi Melora, great blog Spike, hey Lisa. I wish I could join you again this year..........Pat