Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome Newcomers (and Old Friends)

Hi Y'all,
Some of you have been here before but many of you are newcomers-- we've been really working to get the word out and if you're reading this then no doubt you already figured that out. If you've never been to Monhegan Island with us (or if you want to relive memories from the last trip), here are some links to posts I published while we were on the island. To say we had an extraordinary time is more than a small understatement. Right now, I'm sitting in my house in Texas, the heat's been climbing like mad, I'm on a crushing deadline, and the main thing that's keeping me motivated to deal with the heat and the deadline is that week I've blocked off on my calendar: September 20 -26, 2009, when I know I will be, once again, plopped down in a chair, up to my ears in knitting projects, laughing my head off with my fellow knit-a-holics, and being fed unbelievable treats at regular intervals by Monhegan House's inimitable innkeeper, Holden.

So please, click a link, kick back, and enjoy a little vicarious thrill as I tell you all about what awaits you if you'll make the excellent choice to join us this year.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

And as if that's not enough to get you to sign up today, we're extending the Early Bird Discount to Rowan International Members. Check out our website for more information.

One hundred and six days and counting...

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