Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Here! Rowan May 2009 Newsletter

Today was one of those days when I was feeling less than enthusiastic about my real life (bills, parenting a teenager, pile of work). Fortunately, while out running my like-it-or-not real life errands, I found in my PO box a manila envelope with the return address for Rowan on it. I still remember my "first" Rowan Magazine, shown to me when I was a beginner. The photo spreads were so gorgeous they really did take my breath away. That was an outdated issue and I spent quite a bit of time at eBay (which I typically avoid lest I get in big trouble) tracking down and successfully bidding on a copy.

Ever since, I've been a dedicated subscriber, eagerly renewing my subscription every year. For this, I receive two stunning oversized knit magazines a free project, and regular newsletters which also feature stunning photography. This is a true deal not just for the tangibles I receive, but for the inspiration these things bring me. So it was nice to see that this current newsletter-- yes, that was the little pick-me-up inside the manila envelope-- is called The Inspiration Issue. For what is rather an itty-bitty publication (particularly compared to the magazines), this newsletter really packs in a surprising number of helpful and interesting articles, including a free pattern and a profile of designer Kaffe Fasset.

To get the newsletter, you need to sign up for a Rowan membership, which in addition to the Rowan goodies I named (this year's free gift kit is pictured above), also entitles you to a nice discount on the Knitting and Yoga Adventures Retreat at Monhegan Island this fall.

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