Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday. Last night was a late one for me…after dinner we had a ‘mini’ knitting session so everyone could get started with the color work portion of their projects. I gave Marjorie a swatch in progress to practice her intarsia color changes before attempting it on her Spiral backpack project. Then, I sleepily headed to the baths for a soak…aaahh. The Iron bath was so warm, the dark made it nice and secluded, but a little creepy for me so I moved over to the Arsenic bath which is a fabulous 108 degrees and has an underwater light. It made for a good nights sleep! This morning I am sitting by my kiva fireplace catching up on a little ‘work’ with a cup of coffee.

This is such a wonderful group! This morning we met in the garden to coordinate our day trip to Sante Fe. We divided up easily into groups and headed south. Marjorie, Marion, and Lin wanted to visit a few pueblos on their way to SF, while Sandy, Marsha, and Laurie wanted to do their own yarn/weaving crawl. Meryl and Lauren took off on their own tour of Sante Fe and the rest of us piled into my gigantic truck and took off. The plan…to rendezvous in the Plaza at 5:00 and walk to the Pink Adobe for drinks and dinner.

Naturally, I wanted to stop for coffee and knew exactly where to find a Starbucks the moment we got to town. The best part is that it is located next door to The Queen’s Ransom, an amazing beautiful store filled with stunning women’s clothing in the DeVargas mall on Paseo de Peralta. The owner, Suzanne Culbertson is a family friend and carries some of my mother’s, Boots Bailey, leather western themed Christmas stockings and ornaments. Last summer when Suzanne and I were scouting New Mexico for a retreat location, Suzanne said if she were to go anywhere it would be Ojo Caliente Mineral Spa. The rest is history in the making. We trusted her opinion so much we booked Ojo without even visiting it! It would be an understatement to say we trust our instincts…and it has paid off in spades because our trip has been nothing short of fabulous.

To make our first stop even more memorable, Shirley MacLaine was hanging out on the big leather sofa when we arrived.

Next stop…Miriam’s Well. Wow. Sandy said it was her favorite yarn shop in town and what a place it is. It is a beautiful little shop tucked behind a colorful courtyard garden that will soon be filled with hollyhocks. We swarmed the store and very quickly zeroed in on a ruffled shawl designed by Miriam and knit in Fiesta ‘La Boheme’, a mohair, wool, nylon blend of 2 strands worked on US10 needles. Sandy’s crew walked in while we were there and all 9 of us bought/ordered the yarn for this lovely shawl. Tonight we’ll get everyone signed to join Ravelry so we can start comparing our progress. Mine will be a luminous white to go with the black wrap dress I bought for our trip to Tuscany. The others chose variegated colorways, deep purple-y plums, black, etc. Way to go, Miriam, it’s a beautiful design.

We dropped a few of our group off at the International Museum of Folk Art on Museum Hill, and then headed to the Plaza. If you have ever been to Sante Fe, you are no doubt familiar with the Plaza and the jewelers selling their wares under the covered walkway along the Palace of the Governors.

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