Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday. As some of you may surmise, I’m writing a little backwards and forwards at the same time… This weekend is the beginning of our New Mexico Adventure ’08 at Ojo Caliente, NM. The weather is amazing today in Maine and along the east coast from what I hear, so I am imagining it is just as beautiful out west. We have 12 Knitting Yogis attending this retreat and preparing themselves with projects, yoga mats, fresh pedicures, and old swimsuits (because rumor has it the mud bath is a little hard on the new ones). It’s Thursday and one of our group boarded a train for Sante Fe 2 days ago, Suzanne is on a plane today, and tomorrow morning I leave Portland at the crack of dawn. But Saturday is the big day…we will all convene at Ojo in at dinner to begin our week together. Imagine all of us being drawn to the New Mexican high desert from all corners of the US like moths to a kiva fire. Usually we open our first evening with a reception but given the long day of travel, we will take it easy, start with a lovely relaxing meal and talk about our week informally around the garden fire pit, maybe share a few stories about ourselves, but nothing too serious. Our orientation will begin in earnest on Sunday morning with breakfast and a tour led by Alissia of the spa. The Yoga Yurt will become our own special room where we will meet for yoga, knitting, or just visiting. Afternoons will be filled with whatever we are inspired to do like taking a drive to Abiquiu, Rancho de Taos, or the Indian flea market. Perhaps a hike, a nap, or a book will call to some of us. In the evenings we will soak, sit under the stars by the kiva fire in the garden, or knit in the yurt.

Suzanne and I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Whenever we tell someone about our trips and our work together, the response is almost always a smile, a sigh, and an expression of ‘Wow, I would love to go on one of your trips!’ We’ve tried to figure this out, of course we think they are great, but what is happening here? Perhaps it is simply that people just don’t take time to relax. The pressure to keep up the pace, get ahead and pay the bills is so intense. But just maybe taking a break and slowing down ultimately leads to greater strides forward. Vacations are not just for other people. The truth is, taking time to relax, daydream, and have fun not just for an evening or a weekend, but for a good chunk of time is so good for you. It’s healthy, normalizing, it lowers your stress. Add a little yoga, a massage (maybe some red wine and chocolate…) …wow. You won’t know what has happened you’ll feel so good. Maybe someone should tell the AMA about this.

And as Moma Gena says, “…pleasure makes one whole.” Amen sister.

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