Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday. Our Knitting Yogis have arrived…
tired, a little nervous, all but with big smiles eager to make new friends. Typically we would have a cocktail reception, give everyone the low-down on what we would be doing this week, pass out some papers, etc. Not tonight. They’re tired, they’ve been flying and driving all day and most of us are not accustomed to being at 7000 feet. It’s late and they need to be taken care of…enter Armando. We sat down to a wonderful menu of shrimp fajitas, roasted Salmon, enchiladas, and Pinon trout. Lot’s of wine, happy conversation as we started to learn about each other and try to remember each others names…at the end everyone was smiling and ready for bed. Tomorrow we’ll start slowly and ease into the rigorous schedule we have planned…meditation, yoga, knitting, a short hike. Tough.

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